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Seeking watering teams to keep Albion's flowers blooming this summer

You may enjoy historic downtown Albion's beautiful flowers, planted in large pots around the courthouse square, in Celebration Alley, and in the new pocket park, named Bicentennial Park, across from the post office about a block south of the stoplight.

The flowers certainly helped Albion gain recognition as one of the prettiest small towns in Indiana in 2023. The plants require routine watering and maintenance. To help supplement the hard work of employees of the Albion Street and Parks Departments, the Albion STAR Team volunteers coordinate efforts by recruiting and scheduling watering teams and providing the equipment needed to make the job as easy as possible. Additional volunteers also weed, nourish, and maintain the flowers weekly, from the time they are planted until they begin to wither in late September.

Now seeking watering teams

The Albion STAR Team is currently seeking community volunteers to help keep flowers watered this summer. Those who sign up will be assigned no more than 2-3 weeks, evenly spaced from June to September, to water the plants. During each assigned week, a team will be expected to water the flowers in several large pots located on sidewalks around the courthouse square and in front of local businesses, three pots in the alley next to Albion Pizza Depot, and a few patio pots at the pocket park across from the post office on SR 9.

Watering teams help keep Albion's flowers in bloom.

How it works

In past years, thanks to several volunteers who have agreed to take turns watering the flowers for a week at a time, the work has not been overwhelming for anyone. People of all ages have helped. The Albion STAR Team will provide access to use an electric golf cart (parked one block off the square,) loaded with several watering cans and buckets, and a key to a town water hydrant. The team fills the cans and buckets, then makes their way - driving the cart or on foot - to each container, delivering about three gallons of water per large pot.

Flowers at the fountain, near the stoplight, are watered using a garden hose and sprinkler (also provided and stored on the golf cart). The sprinkler is usually set in place and left on to water while the team tends to other plants. The entire process takes no more than an hour, usually, and requires about three trips to a hydrant (if using the golf cart.)

Each assigned week, the flowers will require water every day except on Fridays, when the Albion Parks Department waters them. If Mother Nature rains down, then no watering is needed. Teams may use their own discretion, but they are responsible for ensuring the plants don't wither. New teams and members will be fully trained on the process and can choose to change up the routine to suit their own needs, so long as the flowers receive the care they need. Only licensed drivers will be permitted to use the golf cart.

Sign up

If you are interested in volunteering to ensure Albion's flowers keep blooming, please contact us! Call Lori at (260) 564-4556 or email Individuals who don't have a partner can be paired up to form a team or may do the job alone.

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