The Super Town of Albion Revitalization (S.T.A.R.) Team is a volunteer lead affiliate organization of the Courthouse Square Preservation Society, Inc. and a member of Indiana's Office of Community and Rural Affairs Downtown Affiliate Network, associated with Indiana Main Street.


The S.T.A.R. Team is striving to use a proven program called Main Street America to make downtown Albion a vibrant, welcoming place for all. The Main Street program, established by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, began in 1977 and is operated by the National Main Street Center. The Main Street program emphasizes a four-point strategy:  Team–Organization, Promotion, Design/Projects, and Economic Development.


The Main Street program techniques are used for:


  1. Organizing a team of businesses, property owners, bankers, citizens, public officials, and chambers of commerce.

  2. Working together on projects and activities to promote historic preservation and downtown beautification.

  3. Influencing the downtown economic climate.


Contact us to learn more, donate, or get involved.



Steven Hook -- President

(260) 409-0967 | shook@nobleco.org

Mary Ann Troutner -- Treasurer & Vice President

(260) 564-0341 | troutners4@gmail.com

Gary Gatman - Secretary

(260) 399-0671  gary@noblecountyedc.com

The S.T.A.R. Team is striving to use a proven program called Main Street America to build a vibrant downtown.



This group is involved with gathering volunteers from the community’s public and private entities to work together for the renewal of the downtown. This group helps with building the foundation of a board with its structure of sub-committees. A strong organization provides the stability to build and maintain a long-term effort.


The Organization sub-committee is also responsible for introducing the community to the S.T.A.R. Team, raising funds for supporting the revitalization effort, volunteer outreach, and maintaining a web presence for communicating S.T.A.R. Team activities with the community.


Steven Hook, Chair

(260) 409-0967


This group is involved with the selling of the unique characteristics and possibilities of downtown through marketing campaigns carried out by local volunteers. This group looks for projects to enforce a positive image of the downtown area to shoppers, visitors, and investors of both new and existing businesses.


This sub-committee is also responsible for planning First Friday events–held on the first Friday of every month from May through October, planning special events, and image campaigns.


Mary Ann Troutner, Chair


(260) 564-0341


This group focuses on projects that will bring beautification and historic preservation to the structures and environment of downtown.  Their goal is to provide an inviting atmosphere by enhancing downtown’s best assets while adding new features.


This sub-committee is also responsible for a Building Inventory–identify those structures requiring immediate attention, assistance with Facade Projects, and other beautification projects such as a proposed lighting of the Courthouse Bell Tower.


Matt Young, Chair



This group seeks ways to grow existing downtown businesses while finding ways to turn empty space into productive property.


This sub-committee is responsible for Facade Improvement projects–choose one business and implement a plan to improve it’s facade, providing Market Analysis Market Workshops for local businesses, and for keeping contact with local businesses.


Contact Town Manager Tena Woenker  albionmanager@frontier.com

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Our Goals

The S.T.A.R. Team’s vision is to revitalize Albion’s downtown square to be a community meeting place and a commercial center. We hope to do this with four primary focuses:


    - rallying and equipping volunteers

    - grant writing/finding assistance

    - beautification teams

    - event hosting

Volunteers are needed from many diverse areas, including business and property owners, bankers, citizens, public officials, and members of the Albion Chamber of Commerce.


In order to see the plans of a revitalized downtown square become a reality, we need your help.  Join us!

Together, we thrive!