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Join us at the Albion STAR Team's annual meeting Feb. 28

Albion STAR Team
Join us on February 28 at the NCPL in Albion!

This is an invitation to the Annual Meeting of the Albion STAR Team. Anyone who resides in Albion, operates a business in Albion, or is an employee of a business serving the Albion community is eligible to become a "member" of the Albion STAR Team. 

Wed. Feb. 28, 2024 5:00 - 7:00 PM Noble County Public Library (Cole Room, lower level)

The Albion STAR Team is an Indiana Main Street Affiliate organization. At the Annual Meeting,  leadership will share with members an overview of finances, the 2024 operating budget and work plan, and seek input to help shape efforts to preserve and celebrate the history of the Courthouse Square Historic District, spur commercial vibrancy and economic development downtown, plan and promote community activities and events that bring people downtown, and ensure organizational sustainability of the Albion STAR Team. 

Any member is welcomed to volunteer to serve on various committees of the Albion STAR Team and eligible to be selected to serve on the Board of Directors. Because the Albion STAR Team reorganized in June  2022 (under the 501c3 organization, Noble County Courthouse Square Preservation Society), several  current board members are still serving out the remainder of their three-year terms. Those terms will end on at the annual meeting in the first quarter of 2025.  We do anticipate, however, one or more board vacancies may need to be filled at this year's Annual Meeting. Members may be nominated or seek to fill any open seats at the annual meeting each year.

Following the Annual Meeting, at their next board meeting (scheduled for March 27), the directors will elect officers of the board to serve during 2024.

For more information about the Albion STAR Team, please visit

The Team is looking forward to a great 2024 in Albion!  We hope you'll join us!

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