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Live Clue Game

What is a "live" Clue Game?

Albion STAR Team's version is based on the popular board game and is a fun and interactive process of elimination. A "murder" occurs in downtown Albion and players must figure out who killed the victim, where they were offed, and what weapon was used to kill them. 

How is the game played?

Teams (of any number of players) will each be given a Clues Sheet to keep track of clues revealed as they visit participating downtown business locations (all on the square). At each business they visit, teams will ask no more than three questions to learn the clues the business has to share. As they check off the clues revealed on their Clues Sheet, teams will keep narrowing down the possibilities of who, where, and how to solve the perpetrator, location, and weapon used in the murder. The first team to check in at the Police Booth at the stoplight with the correct combination wins! 

How much does it cost to play?
The team fee is $25.00 and is payable with advanced registration here, or teams may register and play at Scare on the Square.  Cash, or a check made out to Albion STAR Team, will be accepted.

What can we win?

There is just one winner of a $50.00 cash prize!

Why should we play?
The Live Clue Game, Albionopoly, and other Albion STAR Activities are designed to enhance our community, add vibrancy downtown, and support the locally owned small businesses that surround the historic courthouse square. Proceeds enable these activities, plus historic preservation, in the district. 

How do we register a team?

No prepayment is required to register a team to play, however registering in advance will save you time upon arrival to play the game. You may submit the form then simply check in as instructed prior to play. You may alternatively register the day of the game at the Police Booth at the stoplight. $25 per team will be due before play begins. Please pay with cash or check. 


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