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Friday, May 31, 2024
5:30 - 8 PM
On the Square

Square Sponsors

The Albion STAR Team is now seeking sponsors for the game "board" for Albionopoly 2024. Be a sponsor and decorate your board square for just $25 and highlight your business during one of downtown Albion's most popular community events!  

Team Registration

Teams are encouraged to register in advance to secure spots to participate in one of downtown Albion's most popular events, Albionopoly! The event returns on Friday, June 2. Registration is from 5:30 - 6:00 PM.  Game play begins at 6 PM.  Teams can register the night of the game if spots are not already filled.  Cost is $25 for up to five players. Additional players are $5 each. Registration will open soon!

What is Albionopoly?

Albionopoly is downtown Albion's life-sized Monopoly-style game, played around the Noble County Courthouse Square, where decorated sidewalks create the squares on the playing "board". Squares are sponsored by local businesses. Due to construction during 2024, squares on the south side of the courthouse will be drawn out on the pavement of West Main Street.


How is Albionopoly played?

Game play is very similar to the popular board game, except without involving hotels, houses, or mortgages. Each team is given "cash" and the deeds to properties they will "own" during the game. Starting at "Go", each team moves around the Courthouse Square "board" based on rolls of giant dice. Teams may be sent to Jail, and face other challenges and windfalls based on landing on "Chance" and "Community Chest". (Download complete game play information using the link below).


Three rounds of play take place to determine two semi-finalists and a champion. Prizes are awarded for winning teams, plus the best game piece!

What comprises a team?

Based on experience, a team is well advised to include five people, but smaller and larger teams may play. Each team needs some adult supervision and guidance, but kids can join in the fun, too. Each team will need to identify a team leader and one or more players who will be "runners". Runners need to monitor the team's properties to collect rent as other teams land on them and may also need to visit the "bank" for change. (This may require some running around the Square, hence the suggestion of five people!)


Past participants have included couples, families, staff groups, business-sponsored teams, and more. Enthusiasts who are not actively playing on a team are also welcomed to come downtown to root on others, observe, and enjoy the game and other activities On the Square!


How much does it cost?

A team registration fee of $25 includes up to five team members. Additional team members may be added for $5 each. Observers are free! Game "board" squares are sponsored by local businesses. Sponsors are invited to decorate their squares (the STAR Team will help with initially outlining the squares) to add to the fun of game play using chalk or water-based craft paints that will wash away in the rain. For information about sponsorship, contact Mary Ann Troutner at (260) 564-0341.

Why participate or watch Albionopoly?

Come downtown on game day to enjoy meeting other people, have fun, and to support our downtown businesses! All proceeds benefit the Albion STAR Team and their mission to build a vibrant, thriving downtown Albion, Indiana.

Monopoly Board
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