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S.T.A.R. Team News

Source:  Albion New Era, Albion, IN.  Published on: June 3, 2015

S.T.A.R. Team Thanks Supporters

The Albion S.T.A.R. Team wishes to express its sincere thanks to everyone who in any way made the Star-spangled Evening at the Albion Opera House a success.


Thanks to those who sent in their dinner reservations. Whether you came alone, or brought a group, thanks. There were 61 of you -- and we appreciate your support so much.


Thanks to Shelley Mawhorter who catered the delicious meal and donated two pies to the auction. Thanks to Bernie Lawson and Joey Mawhorter who assisted her.


Thanks to the Berean Baptist Church Choir under direction of Jody Ober and the students from Central Noble High School who also sang with them. Your patriotic numbers were perfect for the occasion.


Thanks to S.T.A.R. Team members who all donated pies for the auction. Thaks to Keith Rupert who was the auctioneer. Great job, Keith!


Thanks to the bidders who made the pie auction successful.


Thanks to Nelson LeCount and Dave Hague who made repairs to the balcony prior to last Friday's event.


Thanks to the Town of Albion for use of tables and chairs and for the help loading and unloading them.


Thanks to Chris Magnuson who purchased a carton of light bulbs to illuminate the place.


Thanks to Vicki Jellison, Chris Magnuson, Mary Ann Troutner and Steve Hook for your assistance in making and mailing the invitations, for helping clean the Opera House and take on a variety of other tasks. Thanks to Val Hague who pitched in to help clean the Opera House while Dave was there helping with repairs.


Thanks to Mary Ann Trouter, Steve Hook, Tammy Luce and Sheryl Prentice for announcing upcoming events related to S.T.A.R. Team and the Indiana Bicentennial.


Thanks to the Noble County Public Library, Judy Richter, Linda Shultz, Russell Frehse, the Noble County American and Robert Gagen,Thurlow Holcomb, Tod Wolfrum and others who have preserved the history of Howards's (Albion) Opera House. This material was the basis for the evening's history presentation.


Thanks for the patience of everyone who experienced the warm evening--weather was the one thing the planners couldn't control.


If I have missed anyone who should have received thanks, please accept my apology for the omission.


Hopefully, the right future owner will come forward and the Opera House will once again become a viable cultural center on Courhouse Square.


My sincere appreciateion to everyone for your interest and support.


Joy LeCount, S.T.A.R. Team member, and chair Star-spangled Evening at the Opera House.