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S.T.A.R. Team News

Source:  Albion New Era, Albion, IN.  Published on: August 23, 2017

"Scare on the Square" events set

ALBION—With cooler fall days fast approaching, it is time for Albion area residents to be thinking about how they can participate in the 2017 edition of Scare on the Square.


Sponsored by Albion S.T.A.R. Team, Scare on the Square will take place around Courthouse Square on Friday, Oct. 27. Festivities will begin at 6 p.m. Activities will include a live Clue gam, chili cook-off, fall decorating contest, costume contest and Trunk or Treat. New this year will be bounce houses, food vendors and an outdoor movie. Some local businesses will also be holding their own events in the evening--so there will be plenty of fun for everyone.


Get your Clue teams toegther, dig out your best chili recipe, get your church, organization or business involved in the Trunk or Treat activity, come up with something unique and take part in the costume contest. It isn't too early to be getting your business or residence ready for the fall decorating contest.


Be watching for complete details and schedule of events very soon in local newspapers and on the Albion S.T.A.R. Team's website at or check it out on Facebook.


Most of all, mark your calendar for Oct. 27th and come out for the fun. The Albion S.T.A.R. Team has as its major goal to encourage people to visit downtown Albion to take part in the activities. You are needed to help them be successful.


In addition to hosting fun events around Courthouse Square, Albion S.T.A.R. Team promotes downtown revitalization through facade grants, has sponsored two murals featuring local artists, and is currently working on several other projects for the betterment of the Albion community.


Be watching for more information and schedule of events very soon. To register your Clue team or to sign up to participtate in the chili cook-off or Trunk or Treat, please contact Mary Ann Troutner at 260-564-0341.

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Albion Chamber and S.T.A.R. Team announce 2017 Fall Decorating Contest

ALBION — The Albion Chamber of Commerce is partnering with the Super Town Albion Revitalization (STAR) Team to sponsor  the 2017  Fall Decorating Contest. All residents and business owners within the Albion town limits are encouraged to decorate the exterior of their homes or businesses to celebrate the autumn season.


Albion Chamber Board Member Dr. Ken Cripe is coordinating the 2017 Fall Decorating Contest. Contact Dr. Cripe at 260-636-7959 or to enter.  There is no entry form - a simple phone call or email will put your home or business on the list of entries. The entry deadline is October 16, 2017.


A panel of judges will visit each residence or business entered in the Fall Decorating Contest sometime during the week of October 16-21. Winners will be announced at the Albion S.T.A.R. Team’s Scare on the Square event on Friday, October 27th. Two residential winners will each receive $25 in Chamber bucks (to be spent with any Albion Chamber member). The business winner will get their name placed on a traveling plaque that they’ll be able to display for one year. A second place/runner-up will also be recognized.


Remember, if you plan to enter the 2017 Fall Decorating Contest, please contact Albion Chamber Board Member Dr. Cripe at 260-636-7959 or by the deadline of October 16th. This is a great opportunity to participate, show support for the efforts of local organizations and exhibit community pride!

9/11/2017 Update: Grace Christian Church and Albion S.T.A.R. Team co-sponsor Scare on the Square Chili Cook-off

ALBION — With fall weather offering up cooler nights, a bowl of steaming chili seems like a great idea. Why not get out your favorite chili recipe, cook up a batch and enter it in the upcoming Chili Cook-off being held October 27 in conjunction with Scare on the Square.


The rules are quite simple. Contact Mary Ann Troutner at 260-564-0341 to indicate that you plan to enter the Chili Cook-off.  This will allow the committee to have adequate supplies on hand. When the event date comes around, make your chili in a crock pot, then take it in the crock pot to Grace Christian Church at the corner of Orange and Main streets in Albion between the hours of 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. on Friday, October 27, 2017. There is no entry fee. The winner will receive $25.00 in Albion Chamber Bucks.


Free Chili Taste Testing and voting for your favorite chili begins at 6 p.m. at the church. Bowls of chili will be available for a free-will donation until the supply is exhausted. Proceeds will be split equally between Grace Christian Church and the Albion S.T.A.R. Team.


Questions about the Chili Cook-off should be directed to Mary Ann Troutner at 260-564-0341.


Grace Christian Church will also be selling hot dogs and beverages at the church during Scare on the Square.

9/11/2017 Update: Live Clue returns to Scare on the Square

ALBION — The perpetrators have been selected and clues are ready for the 2017 edition of Live Clue which will take place around Courthouse Square in Albion on October 27. It is now time for teams to be assembled and entered in the game.


New this year, there will be no charge for teams to enter the Live Clue game, but due to time involved in visiting all of the possible crime scenes, the number of teams will be limited to no more than eight. Team entries will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Call Mary Ann Troutner at 260-564-0341 as soon as possible to register your team so you won’t be disappointed.


On the evening of the event, teams should meet at the police booth at the corner of Main and Orange streets in Albion no later that 5:30 p.m.  Play will commence once all teams are present and have received game rules and instructions.


The winning team will receive $25.00 in Albion Chamber Bucks which can be spent at any Albion Chamber of Commerce member business. The runner-up team will receive $10 in Chamber Bucks.


10/16/2017 Update: Live Clue Game is centerpiece of Scare on the Square

ALBION — If you are a detective, or a real mystery solver at heart, Live Clue being offered as part of Albion S.T.A.R. Team’s Scare on the Square is the game for you. Teams of up to six people are encouraged to enter in the fun on Friday, October 27th.  Get your team together and meet at the Police Booth at the corner of Main and Orange streets at 5:30 p.m. You will receive the game rules and instructions then set off to solve the mystery.  Entry is FREE.


While wandering around Courthouse Square to visit the Albion businesses who have agreed to participate, team players try to solve the mystery of who perpetrated the crime, by which weapon, and in what downtown Albion business it occurred. Live Clue cards are given to each team, but this is still not enough to solve the mystery. Live Clue players ask questions at each location to help them determine by who, where, and with what they think the murder took place. The game continues and intensifies as more and more clues are given. When a team believes they have solved the mystery, they return to the Police Booth with their answer. The first team to determine the correct location, perpetrator and weapon is the winner.


If this sounds like fun, get your family members or a group of friends together as a team. You might even want to dress up as one of the original Clue game characters. Sign up your team in advance by calling Mary Ann Troutner at 260-564-0341 or come out at 5:30 p.m. on October 27th and join in the excitement and challenge of solving the mystery.


And don’t forget to make a crock-pot of chili to enter in the Chili Cook-Off, bring out the kids for Trunk-or Treat, enjoy the bounce houses, purchase food or other items from vendors, take part in the Costume Contest, and dance into the night at the Masquerade Dance with DJ Brian Rexroad during Scare on the Square - October 27th around Courthouse Square in Albion. The fun begins at 5 p.m.

10/30/2017 Update: Scare on the Square attracts good crowd

ALBION — Chilly weather didn’t keep several hundred people from coming out for Albion S.T.A.R. Team’s 2017 Scare on the Square last Friday night.


There were trolls, dinosaurs, witches and creepy characters roaming the streets and taking part in the Costume Contest. The best in three costume categories was selected in four age groups. From those, first, second and third place winners in each age group were determined. There was also a Best of Show picked from the first place winners in each age group.


Here are the Costume Contest Winners:


Age 6 and Under: Prettiest - Brynley Harris; Scariest/Ugliest - Conner Rush; Character/Action Figure - Samuel Jacob. Brynley Harris was awarded 1st place, with Samuel Jacob receiving 2nd place and Conner Rush placing 3rd.


Age 7-12: Prettiest - Brianna McDoudall; Scariest/Ugliest - Covell Gurney; Character/Action Figure - Hallie Strange. Brianna McDouall received 1st place, Hallie Strange was 2nd, and Covell Gurney placed 3rd.


Age 13-17: Prettiest - Emma Knox; Scariest/Ugliest - Rayne Bennet; Character/Action Figure - Amber Quarry. Rayne Bennet was 1st place, Emma Knox placed 2nd and Amber Quarry was 3rd.


Age 18 and Over: Prettiest - Phyllis Smoot; Scariest/Ugliest - Jason Whitaker; Character/Action Figure - Tim and Tara Phillips. Taking 1st place was Phyllis Smoot, with Tim and Tara Phillips placing 2nd, and Jason Whitaker in 3rd place.


Sweet little Brynley Harris, dressed up as a Dippin' Dots ice cream treat, was declared Best of Show for the Costume Contest.


Six teams took part in the Live Clue Game. The first team to determine where a crime occurred, who perpetrated the crime and what weapon was used won the prize. Play began at approximately 6:10 p.m. and by 6:45 p.m. the winner had been announced by MC Scott Cole. The Prentiss-Smith family from Idaho, visiting family in the Albion area, were the winners.


Six downtown Albion businesses assisted the Albion S.T.A.R. Team, serving as the suspected crime locations - Doc’s Hardware, Albion Pizza Depot, A Thyme to Remember, The Strand, Heath’s Antiques and Black and Ramer Insurance. Several members of Albion Lions Club agreed to be the ‘perpetrators’ - using alias names.


The Best Decorated Trunk or Treat Vehicle award went to Travis Helmuth. There were ten Trunk or Treat stops set up on York Street. St. Mark’s Lutheran Church coordinated this event.


Winning the Fall Decorating Contest for businesses was Doc’s Hardware. Second place went to A Thyme to Remember. First place in the residential portion of the Fall Decorating Contest went to Mike and Tina Wait at 310 North York Street.  Runner-up went to Matt and Mary Smith at 408 East Hazel Street.


Eleven pots of chili were entered in the Chili Cook-off Contest hosted by Grace Christian Church. Samples were available and votes were cast for the Best Chili.  Winning this competition was Shelly Mosley.  She is a repeat winner.


The Albion S.T.A.R. Team thanks everyone who in any way assisted to make the 2017 Scare on the Square a success.


The next Albion S.T.A.R. Team event is the S.T.A.R. Bazaar, to be held in conjunction with Albion’s Christmas season kick-off on Friday, December 1st. at the Opera House.  Be watching for more details.