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S.T.A.R. Team News

Source:  Albion New Era, Albion, IN.  Published on: June 24, 2015

Albion-opoly registration now underway for teams

ALBION--Registration for teams is now open for the 2015 edition of Albion-opoly to be held Friday, July 31.


The Noble County Courthouse Square will become a giant game board, and Albion-area businesses and groups will be sponsoring spaces all around the board at $15 per space.


Teams will own properties, pay rent and roll giant dice to move around the board, with prizes available for top-finishing teams in each flight.


As in pervious years, teams may enter the "Make Your Own Game Piece" contest. The game pieces will be judged that evening by a group of judges, with the top pieces earning prizes.


The event is stages by the super Town of Albion Revitalization (S.T.A.R.) Team. Proceeds from the event go to support that organization's work on behalf of downtown revitalization for Albion.


The cost to register a team of up to five members is $25. Each additional team member is an additional $5.


Square sponsorships are also available for the event, and donations of prizes are being sought.


For more information, contact Mary Ann Troutner at 564-0341.

Above is a sample game board from a previous year. Game board spots are carved out of each side of Albion's courthouse square. Colored strips are painted to represent the spot's board color and sponsors are encouraged to decorate thier respective spot(s).


Albion-opoly Team Registration Form

July 31, 2015 - On the Courthouse Square

Yes, ___________ sign us up for the July 31, 2015 Albion-opoly event.


Team Name:  ____________________________________________________________


Team Members:  _________________________________________________________











Telephone number for team contact person:  ________________________________



Included is our team registration fee of $25 for a team of five. (Please include an additional $5 for each additional team member). Mail to:


Mary Ann Troutner

1545 W River Road N

Albion, Indiana 46701

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